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Set of 2 Dip Bowls 24k


This bowl is our SMALLEST - measuring at 4 inches - set of 2 
A beautiful blend of brass. yellow gold, and gold pearl create a dazzling marbled glass. We call this color combination 24K because of the warm rich texture of metallic shine.  Flecks of gold shimmer throughout the inside and outside sparkling as a unique piece. Some pieces will have a more golden hue while others may be darker. 

Hand wash only - use mild soap and a soft sponge. 

Using our proprietary recipe and exclusive blend of glass paints, we are able to create a perfect flow of paint to create a dazzling marbling effect. 

Please note that although we use the same measurements each time, the way the paint flows and drips are different. This makes every single bowl we produce unique and one-of-a-kind. A high gloss finish protects each piece from scrapes and scratches. 


Our luxury packaging and keepsake tote create an experience for the consumer when opening. We believe our glass bowls are a piece of jewelry for your table, and should be treated with the same care and attention.  Each bowl is protected in our signature black bubblewrap and then placed within a unique monogrammed muslin tote bag.  The care card includes instructions on how to clean and care for our marbled bowls as well as an overview of our studio and the features of what makes our glass creations truly special.