So you know what you're selling, you have a logo, you've even got a website, but something is not right. No one clicks, no one buys, no one is reading your emails. You are not gaining the traction that you want. You've done everything right, but all you can think about is "WHAT AM I DOING WRONG?" 

WELCOME TO CLASS #2 in my business coaching series.

April is all about BRANDING.

What is your business and how does that translate into your brand messaging? Often times we are confusing our customers without even noticing. It is imperative to acquire clear ways of describing our businesses to others. Using the story brand technique, I guide you through the ways of developing the foundations to growing a successful BRAND. 

Class will be held April 3rd at 12pm EST - Can't make it? No worries! Each business mentoring session is recorded! You will receive the video recording within 24 hours of the class along with worksheets and slides. 

Last February I could never have imagine that the following year I would be  celebrating the fact that I have scaled my business in ways I could never have imagined, because last February I was stuck. I was in month 2 of my business challenge and things were not going well. B School had just opened with Marie Forleo and I took that scary step in signing up for her course. It transformed my life.

The biggest complaint I get from my biz challenge ladies is that Instagram does not allow videos to last more than 24 hours, starting March 6th and running the first Wednesday of every month I’ll be offering 2 hours of biz school.

I’ve taken the most important topics I think every entrepreneur needs to know to start, grow, and scale their businesses in 2019 and I’ve broken it down into 2 hour monthly segments. The best part? You can rewatch and rewind the LIVE interactive videos at your own pace and convenience. If you miss the live class no worries, watch it the next day once it’s loaded into the members site.

I’m super excited to get started.... How bout you? All you gotta do is register for biz school.