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The work/life balance struggle is real and last January I had enough. My company was not in line with my key priority —-> Family. I had become a “yes” monster, saying yes to every little job or order I received, because it paid the bills. I wasn’t respecting myself or my family. I was a jack of all trade, but a master of none! Something needed to change. Once I began opening up to my struggles and what had been going on behind the scenes I received an onslaught of messages from other mom entrepreneurs either going thru the same thing or giving me strength. I went thru a 90 day business transformation, and by the end of it, profits were up 10% and I was spending less time at the studio and more time home with my family.

What unfolded next has been simply magical. I opened up what I had learned with all of you! I started teaching a smaller version of my program called the 30 Day Biz Challenge. I honestly thought 20 women would sign up. Guess what? Over 300+ women joined that first challenge and we have now started a new biz challenge for June. My favorite part about this whole process? Helping mentor all of you to achieve your goals and catch those dreams so they become reality!

As usual I invite you to follow my instastories @abbeywolin for all the behind the scenes action at the studio. I also love showing you tips and tricks and of course my Sunday prep!!