DIY Ushpezin Sun Catchers For the Sukkah

October 03, 2019 3 Comments

DIY Ushpezin Sun Catchers For the Sukkah

There are very few activities where everyone enjoys ... and I mean EVERYONE. All of my children, ages 7-17 were obsessed, making these - even my 15 year old son. I knew they loved it, because they were quiet! Not a peep while they were drawing and coloring!! The best part? These acrylic discs will hang from your Sukkah like sun catchers. Catching the light and forever displaying your artwork which will be cherished for many years to come. 

Here's what you'll need:

Click on the bold words for links to amazon to purchase supplies 

(7) Acrylic Discs 

Sharpie Markers - OIL or Regular 

Ushpezin Images - Right click on the images to save to your computer



Step 1: Print the Ushpezin images and cut them out. Take off the plastic film on the acrylic discs.

Step 2: Place the Ushpezin images behind the acrylic discs. Make sure the hole for the string is on the top of the disc. Using an oil based black sharpie, trace the design onto the acrylic disc. Add the name of the Ushpezin if you like! 

Step 3: Color in the images like a coloring page. For a more transparent picture use the regular sharpies and for a more opaque look use the oil based sharpies.

Step 4: Add some string and decorate! 

Hope you enjoy making these pieces as much as I loved creating this craft for you too! 


Chag Samayach!







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October 12, 2019

I couldn’t download them either. Tried to copy and paste and then they were too small :(

Tzipora gelman
Tzipora gelman

October 06, 2019

I cant seem to download the images

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